Farming Simulator 19 vs 17

FS19 is an upgrade to FS17. It may not be the revolutionary move forward a lot of players were hoping for but as mentioned above quality of life fixes all around. Some stuff did take a step backwards but much like runaway trailers they will hopefully be fixed soon. And yes mods will play a huge part in the coming weeks as to whether the game really appeals to you personally or not. IMHO with all the good and bad if you love playing Farm Sim games then get FS19.

The game plays pretty much the same, I mean there is only so much they can do, however there are a lot of little Quality of Life fixes that add up.
Just a few I’ve noted:
Weeding is now separate from fertilizing and displays better so you can more easily tell on grown crops where the weeds are.

Controls can be remapped without leaving the game.

Steering is less instant. This is like EuroTruck now, but may take getting used to.

UI is cleaner.

No more free rides, you buy parts of the map rather than fields. You cant mow or chop trees in areas you don’t own.

Tires actually matter, tire slip is real! Wide tires aare important for grip.

Fields have bumps and holes, not perfectly flat.

Lots of new equipment. Lots of old equipment.

Ground response, Tire Dirt, and Crop Destruction are built in (the latter is optional)

And that’s just what I noticed in the first hour.